July 19, 2008

The Best Pares in Town

I've seen a lot of discussion on which pares is the best and most of the time, Pares in Retiro and the one near Espana tops the list. Their Pares is good but nothing can compare to Enteng's Pares. He sells his pares from his Tricycle turned Mobile-Fastood. He can often be seen near Holy Cross Cemetery in Novaliches. The rich flavor of his beef stew and fried rice is really a must try for any Pares lover. One order of Pares with extra rice will cost you 60pesos. Sure it cost more than what you'll get from your average Carinderia but I swear, That will be the best meal your 60 pesos can ever get.

My top 5 Pares place

1. Enteng's Pares
2. Cocoy's Pares
3. Jonas
4. Pares in Retiro
5. Pares near Espana
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