November 3, 2010

A Culture of Impunity

With the recent scandal involving a Hong Kong-based labor attaché, I can't help but ponder why our government is in terrible shape.

Much as we don't want to face it, We have a flawed culture that tolerates dishonesty, ass-kissing the boss, doing under the table deals, screwing over your country by taking bribes from suppliers (ZTE scandal), pirating talent are all celebrated and the creativity with which a person can fool or 'con' his fellowman is considered hilarious and inspiring.

A culture of thievery is prevalent in our society, there are honest people but they are as rare as a Wasabi Root growing in the Middle East. This is why most service industries here has to have 2-3 people attending the cashier, the chances of having a bad egg is very high and the only counter to this is to have extra employees to double check and counter check.

Some people may find this offensive, but honestly, if this isn't true then why the hell is it that every time we replace people in government, we end up with the same corrupt crap? It is because it doesn't matter who we put in government, the chances of people in power being thieves are as high as the number of sub-ethical people in our society. That beggar on the side of the street put in government would be as corrupt as the fucktards who are already there. This has something to do with a culture of impunity which started during the time of Spanish rule, when friars stole hectares upon hectares of land and, rather than being punished like a common criminal, they were instead considered men of God.

Sigh...I need a ride my bike more often.