August 28, 2009

Fried or Roasted...Chicken?

However you want it you can now have them at Jollibee. This is their answer to Mang Inasal's dominance in the Roasted Chicken market.
One piece chicken meal costs about 80pesos, the meal includes a cup of Java Rice, Atsara (side dish) and a special sauce. Is it good? you asked... GO try it for yourself.
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A Not So Solo Sunday Ride

Finally a time off. What better way to shrug off a weekload of stress than to go on a solo ride. I decided to ride alone...I just wanted to savor the mountain roads and the crisp air that Marilaque has to offer.A couple of hours of riding the twisty mountain roads, I ended up in Famy Laguna.
There I met a rider who was also riding solo. We shared stories then he asked me where will I go next. I told him I got no plans really. He asked me to come join him to Lucban, ride more twisty roads and eat Pancit habhab.Well, he got me at Pancit I said let's go.
The ride going to Lucban went smooth. We were riding at speeds around 70-80. It was so relaxing, I almost want to sleep.

We did a stop over at Kamay ni Hesus before heading to Buddies for lunch. We got there just before lunch time. Lot's of people go there on Sundays after hearing mass. Needless to say, we were able to get a good seat.

After a hearty meal and a couple more stories later, we decided to head back home.We took the same route going back. The ride to back to Manila was uneventful. We just rode on cruising speed. We saw some squids and some rugby ingesting trike drivers but they didn't really bother us. Hope to do this again soon.